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Dear all. As Barbara has taken on a lot of my jobs I said I would help her by doing the admin for Wellington  Unbelievably this will be our EIGHTH holiday.  We go in at midday on Tuesday and finish around 4pm on Friday.  The cost is as last year £395 and is amazing value Up to about 8 horses will be stabled  in Wellington stables but for more than that they will put in temporary stabling for us  Your payment covers for your horse: stable, bedding and hay or haylage.  Beds are shavings, no straw and you get enough shavings for a decent bed but if you need more it is £9.60 per bale .  For you: very basic but adequate accommodation on bunk beds in a portacabin.  Glamorous it is not but great fun it is!  You also get breakfast, lunch and supper.  The latter was a bit of a problem last year as it was 5.30 which made a rushed late afternoon  We are hoping for 6pm suppers this time  One night we take ourselves off to supper at an excellent local pub.  We are good at enjoying ourselves perhaps with a spot or two of wine in our cabin and generally we have a brilliant time  The facilities at Wellington are excellent.  We use 5 arenas  all on surfaces, 3 outside and 2 inside plus, this year, a brand new huge outdoor arena so all flatwork and showjumping on  these  You can choose what you do, perhaps concentrate more on sj or dressage or whatever  there should be plenty of scope for cross country  too assuming ground conditions are ok  They have some of the best facilities you will find anywhere plus it is a fabulous place to be with your horse  If you prefer to ride one of their good horses, the cost is £60 all the time or £25 per  day.  Similarly if you cannot manage the whole holiday and just want some days the cost is £150 per day.  We get first rate tuition from their top instructors.  Sometimes our group has been up to 14 although last year just 4 went – but however many it always works and is an amazing experience so come and join us  This year we HAVE TO HAVE COMPLETED FORMS AND DEPOSITS (£100) BY 1 JULY so they know whether we will need temporary stables or not.  If you do no know anyone else who is going we can promise you a very friendly few days so email me and I will send you a booking form COME ON YOU WILL LOVE IT

Penny Briggs or ring me for a chat 07791809324