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Show Jumping & Gridwork Training

Autumn 2018 Show Jumping Training is now arranged- see below for dates.  BOOKING   ONLY THROUGH MRL.  BOOKING WILL CLOSE 5 DAYS BEFORE THE DATE AT 6PM

Once times have gone out no refund will be given and you cannot transfer to another date as the instructor will be booked for the amount of time needed at the closing date of the session.

Please read our Terms and Conditions

We have listened to some requests to extend the training to include those wishing to jump less than 70cms and there is now Starter jumping where you will need to put the height you want to jump under notes on MRL.  Also there was a call for more out of weekday training and to that end Cheryl Bezants will be teaching from midday on Sunday 4 November.

Also we were asked to sometimes have show jumping later in the week, rather than only Tuesdays, although we have always offered Saturdays.  Now David Thomas will do some Thursdays as well as Tuesdays and Saturdays



REFUND POLICY:  unless we cancel, no refund will be given if you withdraw after times are sent out MRL bookings will close at 6pm 5 days before the date after which times will be sent out.  Also you will not be able to transfer your payment to another date

Show Jumping TUESDAYS 11 September, 2 October, 30 October, 27 November 10.30, 11.30, 12.30 David Thomas Lower Peake, Warnford £20 per session
Show Jumping THURSDAYS 18 October, 15 November, 13 December 10.30, 11.30, 12.30 David Thomas Lower Peake, Warnford £20 per session
Show Jumping SATURDAYS 27 October, 10 November, 8 December 9.30, 10.30 David Thomas Lower Peake. Warnford £20 per session
Show Jumping SUNDAY 4 November Cheryl Bezants Lower Peake Warnford £20 per session
Gridwork THURSDAYS 20 September, 25 October, 1 November, 6 December 9.30, 10.30, 11.30, 12.30 Mark Riley Lower Peake, Warnford £17.50 per session

About our trainers

David Thomas 3

David Thomas David has taught regularly for Meon RC for many years.  He always inspires confidence in both horse and rider and helps to improve performance.

Mark Riley 1

Mark Riley Mark is a very well-known local instructor whose gridwork sessions are particularly popular.  His exercises are excellent for improving the rhythm and athleticism of your horse.

Show Jumping & Gridwork Training