British Riding Club


Area Style And Show Jumping Qualifiers

Sunday 21 July 2013

Location: Gillingham and Shaftesbury Showground


  • Wodan - 6th

The day was pretty hot but there was a cool breeze and the ground was surprisingly good in spite of a lack of rain. Our novice team produced some good riding and was 6th. In the first round Daniel Searle and Rebellion put in a lovely rhythmical round and Laura Bleecker on Summernights Dream also went well with a clear round. Black Betty showed her black side and there was not much Veronica Wilson could do about it. Trish Nimmo (first time at an area competition) did a nice round on Gem but had one stop at fence 9 – some planks, her husband James told me it would happen as she came up to it!

In round 2 Veronica rode very positively and got round with just 1 knock down. Trish had 1 refusal (not the planks) and some time penalties. Daniel knocked 2 down though did an otherwise lovely round. Summernights Dream (Bodger) had had enough by this time and was probably hot/tired as he also did the Style (and certainly had an overcooked rider) – he was unusually eliminated for 2 refusals.

Our Style team was 2nd and there was good riding.  Mandy White on Simonty kindly stepped in at the last minute and made a team of 3. Katie Mills on Wodan did a lovely round and was individually 6th. Laura Bleecker on Summernights Dream rode well but was unplaced and Mandy also had a very good crack at it. Not helped by the rules having changed to allow any bit this year and the judge and steward not realising this so poor Mandy had to go in with less than perfect control (it was sorted by the time she did the intermediate class).

The Intermediates were down to 2 individuals. Katie Mills on Wodan just had the last pole down at the end of a lovely first round and again one in the second. She was individually 5th. Mandy White on Simonty again suffered as they had previously allowed riders to go without jackets in that ring but there must have been a change of judge as she was turned out of the ring to go and put one on – all too stressful for both her and Monty and as a result they had a few fences down – very unfortunate and bad luck. Katie Mills on Holloway Flying Solo was our only Open competitor – she had one down in the first round – a lovely round too – then had to jump off with 2 other 4 faulters. She had 3 fences down in the end so was placed third. Sarah Pook was a star and came all the way down to support everyone which was much appreciated and she took some good photos. We had to provide pole pickers and ring stewards all day for one of the rings and all our competitors were great in helping me with this.