British Riding Club


Novice Indoor Show Jumping and Topscore Qualifiers

Sunday 23 February 2014

Location: Crofton Manor

Well what an incredibly exciting day – we had two teams and they both did us proud.  (Dick King was doing the scoring and was able to keep us all well up to date on progress of the teams.)  Our Meon Diamonds were brilliant and came 2nd (out of 16 teams) after an exciting jump off with Chilworth Gold (the only two teams to end on zero).  This means they will be off to Hartpury for the Championships on Saturday 29 March as the first two teams qualified.  The team was Gen Lodge on Bambajazz, Andrea Kennedy who pinched her son’s horse Diamond Markel, Elsbeth Jeffery on My Peggys Diamond and Eleri Jenner on Guinness.  There was only 1 pole rolled among the lot of them in the initial two rounds.  Our Meon Stars also did extremely well and got 6th place rozzies.  They finished the first round on a zero score but there were a few poles in the second round which meant they finished on 12 (still a pretty good result!).  The team was Sarah Pook on the McGibbon’s young pony Tiptoe All Said’N Done (double clear in spite of little ring experience), Rachel Chubb on The Bobby Dazzler, Katie Burton on Boss and Andrea Bishop on Paint Me Pretty.  We had to supply two helpers and were indebted to Anne Evans and Carol Alford who both volunteered to do half a day each.