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Meon Collection – Stickers, Pins, Clothing

Why not get the Meon collection to tell everyone what a great Club you belong to.  When you are out and about, perhaps in teams or supporting them, wearing clothing with the Meon logo will let everyone know where you come from and  make you feel part of the Club.  See below for what is on offer!

Say what a great club you belong to by :

  • getting yourself a fleece, polo shirt, cap, gillet or whatever you fancy – colours black with gold logo or gold with black logo. Just log into Sew Equestrian, go to the Meon Riding Club page under Clubs and Teams, and choose from the catalogue.  Only a small selection of items are shown on the Meon page but you can choose from their much larger selection. Sew Equestrian will be happy to discuss your needs and can simply put our logo on the garment of your choice.


  • buying a pin to wear on your clothing – £1 – just ask a committee member


  • freebie car sticker – again most of the committee have these for you