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BRC Rules and Guidelines

There is some general information you need to know if you are considering volunteering to compete in one of the Area 17 Qualifiers.

All the information is contained in the BRC Handbook_2022 which is valid from 1 January 2022

There are also some important rule changes for 2022 detailed in the following document:

Rule changes for 2022







Eligibility criteria for all qualifiers and championships
These are detailed in CR Appendix 2 & 3 of the Rulebook which can be found  here:BRC Handbook_2022 Eligibility:

Flu vac rules
Your horse must have a record which complies with these – even a day out makes him or her ineligible. You can easily check whether your horse is alright by downloading the checker and putting in 1st 3 dates of flu programme – you can compete if the first two are done too recently for the third to have been given provided the last is not within 6 days of the competition. FLU VAC CHECKER 2022

You will not be allowed to compete if your horse is on any medication which falls into the category of banned substances (ie bute).  You also need to check with your vet that any medication which your horse may have taken recently will have had time to clear the system.

Hat Rules
Anyone  competing in 2019 Qualifiers will need to get their hat inspected and fitted with the new Aqua tag at the qualifier before they can ride, if it was not already tagged in 2018.

At long last hat tagging across the disciplines has been rationalised ie the Pony Club and BE are using the same Aqua hat tags, so as long as you have an Aqua hat tag, it does NOT have to be re-tagged for BRC!

Back Protectors
BRC will no longer accept BETA Level 2000.  All body protectors MUST be approved to BETA Level 3 2009 or 2018.

The regulations for Protective Headwear can be found here: 2022 BRC Hat Tagging Guide for Competitors v1

and for Body Protectors can be found here:  2022 BRC BP STANDARDS v1